The Student Activities Board organizes and operates academic, recreational, and professional events catered to all undergraduate students of the College of Computing and encourages, promotes, and fosters a greater sense of community within the College of Computing.

SAB's history

SAB was founded in 2005 by a group of sophomores and upperclassmen with the goal of making the life of a Computer Science major that much less boring.

In 2007, SAB was recognized as an official campus-wide student organization by the Georgia Tech Student Government Association, making it the first College of Computing-affiliated student organization to have that honor.

Why get involved with SAB?

There are many reasons to get involved in SAB@CC. Everyone has their own, but reasons that everyone shares are the opportunities for student leadership, opportunities to network with faculty and staff, the opportunity to work in a team of people in the same field, and maybe most importantly, the opportunity to make new connections.

What about the freshmen?

The majority of the founding members of SAB were the founding members of the Freshmen Activities Board (FAB), which began in earnest in 2004. FAB, which is overseen by the upperclassmen-led SAB, shares the same goals as SAB, but its activities are geared toward freshmen.