The Student Activities Board organizes and operates academic, recreational, and professional events catered to all undergraduate students of the College of Computing and encourages, promotes, and fosters a greater sense of community within the College of Computing.

Posted by: Justin Bellmor
Date: January 24, 2008

Welcome back everyone. Review of last semester:

Cookout - went well, could have gone better. Better advertising and awareness.

Murder Mystery - Went well, could have gone better as well. Needed more advertising. Should we do it again? Event was fun and well liked. Annually?

We need to do a better job of public relations - better promotion of events and we need to raise awareness of what's going on.

Alicia is our advisor now.

FAB - Proposal to merge with SAB. There are more people involved now. A lot of support to keep it separate (against full merge).

Recruiting event with former members saying how student orgs helped them? More recruiting ideas... some not worth mentioning.

Events - we need a more inclusive event that is interactive and social. Perhaps needs to better target CS majors. The Murder Mystery was a step in the right direction. A fun event could attract inactive members/new members too.7pm Thursdays for SAB meetings.

Proposed Events: